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How to Nourish Yourself NOW to Prepare for Spring

I have noticed a trend in conversations with clients lately. Several have shared:
“The winter is typically a hard time for me.”
The shorter days, the cold, being inside more than usual, the emotions and ever present stressful situations. Data and research have shown that the winter months are notorious for leaving some with the “winter blues.” Let’s go ahead and also tack on the family “fun” that tend to arise during the holidays and the overwhelming situations presented in the news on a constant basis.
Typically when there are contrasting situations in your life (for example: personal relationships are going swimmingly and you are drowning at work), I suggest to get out the magnifying glass! Take a closer look with non-attachment and grace.
What if you can look a situation in the face, see it for what it is worth and it no longer consume all of you?
What if instead of feeling heavy, tired, overwhelmed and generally stressed with a certain situation, you feel light, grounded peaceful and ready to take bold action?
This is SO very possible for you.
Usually it takes getting to the root of your habits and patterns to create lasting change. I also have seen the vast power behind making simple shifts in your daily routine! I cannot stress this enough- sometimes just moving a little more, tweaking your routine here or there, laughing, or setting up a much needed check-up or massage can set the stage.

Check out this handout called How to Nourish Yourself NOW to Prepare for Spring so you can make this the BEST Spring yet!