The Birth of a Woman, the Birth of a Business

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The Birth of a Woman, the Birth of a Business

May 15, 2019

Leaning into Our Heart


On this bright and sunny day I found myself creating time and by creating time I also mean making time to celebrate. Usually I am not the most efficient person, bumbling around slowly with tasks that just don’t seem to come easily. This gorgeous spring day was quite different. Not only did I have lots of tasks I desired to accomplish but I suddenly had space. I had space to meditate and pray. I suddenly had space to take my sweet Bo Duke pup for a delicious walk. I suddenly had space to pack my things and get in the car EARLY (ahem, I so dislike to be late and I do run on time, but NEVER early!) and make my way down to Cape Charles, VA. Nothing was rushed, nothing was forced and all was accomplished with ease- it was a state of Be-ing and it felt glorious.


As I searched for the new caffé I was greeted by a big beautiful sign directing me. It was so much bigger than I expected. So front and center and it welcomed me gently in. Ambrogia was the name. It is the name of the caffé and it is also the name of the owners mother. Offering honor and healing across time, lands and water.


I stepped into this fresh, brightly painted and cared for space and was greeted with a dropped jaw and arms spread wide open ready for a hug from co-owner Cristina Carollo. The rush of happy tears and pride filled my entire being as my heart sang. She did it.  She pulled herself out of the fire, she shifted her perspective and stepped into a space of heart centered living- allowing her to see a door closing as opportunities for other doors to open. In Cristina’s case, she literally opened the door to a brand new business. As I bounced into the bathroom to wash my hands I was overcome with a sense of joyful humility that I had even a small part in this “baby” being birthed into the world for so many to enjoy. The relatability to a doula or a midwife came to my mind and I likened it to being a humble assistant to the work of God, and the birth of alignment with the True Self.


Cristina found me, and my coaching services, at a time where it appeared there was a difficult fork in the road. Absolutes turned to questions, perspectives turned into presence and soon she began sharing her dream of opening a caffé. I recall every single minute detail this beautiful woman shared with me about how she would want it to look, and even more so she was willing to humor my questioning as I kept directing her to step into the feeling of the caffé (some call it a vibe). Each bump in the road she perceived was a dead end, I questioned, redirected and onward “Courageous Cristina” (I shall dub her) would go. Seriously, she was feisty enough to make anything happen- she just needed someone to reel her back in when it got tough and she just happened to have hired someone who is obsessed with turning the tough into a God moment and a whole lotta opportunity!!


As I sat and savored the space, the owners, the patrons, the food and the coffee, one thing was very certain- it was all infused with love. Big giant love for family, community, simplicity, connection, artistry and creativity. Tears welled into my eyes as it became so blatantly apparent that every.single.thing. Cristina shared and visualized with me in our sessions was now in real, tangible form! I was in major awe. When I say everything- I mean everything. From the energy and vibe of the place, the colors, the couch and it’s placement, the way guests were interacting, the way Cristina and co-owner Marina were supporting each other, the flavors, the menu, the espresso! (more on that in a second).


The very first session we had, I asked Cristina to describe what it would be like if things were going well- she instantly thought of a beautiful, old inside of a clock watch where all of the intricate parts work together seamlessly. She took her time and her visualization and creation has come to life. Yes, there have been and will continue to be challenges, stumbling blocks and stressors. But as she would tell me “I love solving challenges! Especially when I am working in a way like the inside of the clock.” Challenges and stress are to be expected but they are meant to be looked at with zest and determination. Did I mention Cristina has determination?!


While I am not well versed in anything relating to coffee, I simply couldn’t leave without this special treat (I left with a lot of other special dessert treats too ;) ). With my to-go cup in hand I said my congratulations and good-byes.
























After settling in and driving down the road I took the first sip of my first REAL Italian espresso. I started to cry, the biggest tears of joy I have had probably since my children were born. Y'all, the love and work that has gone into that cup was staggering to me and it reminded me- I am doing it! I am leaning into God and into my heart by sharing the gifts I have been given.  AND even better than any of that, a million times over, is seeing, in a tangible form, the shifts and growth of a woman who can make a cup of coffee SO good, it brings a red head to tears of joy.


I will forever be grateful for the availability of creating time, for anyone who follows their heart and for every Italian in the world sharing their beloved cuisine with those of us who haven’t yet been there.



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