Dealing with Urgency?

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Dealing with Urgency?

I was recently featured in the Season 2:Fit2B Podcast and in this episode we get REALLLLL.


Very real about living urgently, what it means and how it shows up in the mind, body and heart. You will hear our own confessions of urgency and what I have found can help us all break free of the old living urgently habits. 


What do I mean when I speak of urgency? Medically, it means a sudden urge to urinate or defecate associated with involuntary control of the bowel or bladder smooth muscle. 


I believe we are doing ourselves a disservice if we stop there with the definition. I have found it to be just as important to take a 360 degree view into these urgent symptoms to heal the root of what is really going on. The bowel and bladder is a symptom of urgency within the mind and heart. 

How would I define urgency beyond the bowel and bladder? Urgency means the underlying feeling that something/someone is wrong, that something/someone has to be fixed and it needs to happen RIGHT now. Urgency is the busy-ness that has become a plague of frantic energy to get it all done right now. 


People live urgently for different reasons...find out more by listening on!  


It took well over a year for schedules and time zones to align just right for this podcast to take place. Then, it took many months after it was recorded to find the best time for it’s launch.


Urgency affects so many people in the US and worldwide. It is considered by many researchers and medical professionals to be a “public health burden” and takes no prisoners regarding race, gender or age. This podcast takes a fresh view on this burdensome problem. There are many studies that show the psychological implications (such as anxiety, depression, weight gain, inability to exercise, difficulty leaving their home, negatively impacted relationships and sexual function) BUT very infrequently is there a wellness, preventative focus taken. 

This podcast does just that. Let’s start addressing the root causes of urgency before another person becomes part of the statistic. 


Listen now! 



Speaking of you know what month it is??? We are about to step into 2 of the craziest months in terms of urgently rushing around for parties, decorating, functions, finding and wrapping presents, taking care of the children, holiday breaks, all while juggling career needs. Phew, I am tired just writing this down and already feeling frantic. 


Take a breath Sara….take a breath.


If you have been inspired to wave goodbye to your old patterns of living urgently by reading this blog or listening to the podcast,


click here and learn a simple, easy, calming and nurturing way to fit yourself into the equation in 2019. All designed so that when 2020 rolls around you are not feeling like you have to catch up, change your whole diet and exercise routine which leads more often than not to a crash. 


Learn more to FINISH STRONG 


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